Asamando flag-SWA
Capital Nyamkopon
Government Monarchy
Leaders Queen Rani Laula
Population 500,000
Land area
GDP (total)
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups
Major Languages Spoken
Major Religions

Asamando is a ghoul nation in western Africa, in what used to be northern Ghana. Asamando is a highly awaken friendly nation and is also populated with spirits, shapeshifters, other meta-sapients, and HMHVV infected metahumans.


In 2010 and again in 2022, VITAS devastates most of Africa.

Asamando was founded in 2030 by Thema Laula when she led a band of HMHVV infected into the Black Volta region of Africa.

In 2038 Asamando took control of Bamboi, for its magical springs which are said to have healing properties.

In 2046 Nyamkopon becomes Asamando's official capital.

In 2061, rich deposits of orichalcum are found.

January 24, 2068 – the Asamando football (aka soccer) team was gunned down while attempting to participate in the African Cup of Nations.

November 25, 2074 – Thema Laula dies and her daughter Rani Laula inherits the throne.


DeBeers-Omitech has rights to mine rare minerals found within Asamando. And during 2061, Year of the Comet, they also were able to mine Orichalcum.

Saeder-Krupp also has agreements to operate within Asamando.

Horizon maintains Asamando's Matrix services.

Food SupplyEdit

Asamando gets its "food" via multiple sources. In the past they purchased the dead, prisoners, and slaves from other countries.[1] The United Nations knew about them buying the dead but they were unaware of the secret agreement with the corporations in which they were sending their condemned prisoners to Asamando.[2] Ever since the UN embargo placed on Asamando upon the discovery of the prisons filled with live food, they have become completely reliant on pirates, slavers, human traffickers, and Tamanous. Most horrifically of all, they are now breeding their captives to produce future food.[3]


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Asamando reports it has the highest literacy rates in the world, having some 90% of its population able to read. Which is kind of ironic when you consider ghouls are blind and incapable of seeing. They use simsense technology to allow the blind to see and read.


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