The Asociacion Vasquez is a Spanish Mafia syndicate based in Spain.

The Vasquez Syndicate used to rule Spain's underworld without opposition in the early decades of the 21st century.[1] Now it's a corrupt and badly managed syndicate that relies on an unstable income stream, has been weakened, is besieged on all sides, and has been "betrayed" by its allies.[2] It has a seat on the "Alta Commissione"

Don Vasquez is getting old and so are many of those in the top ranks. His purges to make the organization harder generated more internal strife.[1] The mob has lost southern Spain to the Arabic syndicate (Al-Akhirab Aswad Mayid) which is expanding its territory and is dealing with its rebellious vassal in Portugal, the Baptistas . Despite this it is still a fearsome criminal organization that when called for is able to save "face".[2]

Asociacion Vasquez is strongest in northern Spain, in the regions of Catalonia and Castilla, with its base of operations in Barcelona.[1][3] It is involved in "higher-level" crimes, including; art dealing and forgery, computer crimes, influence dealing, and extortion.[1] The syndicate's influence reaches across the French Riviera, including the cities of Nice, Marseille, and New Monaco.[4] It has also been backing the corporation Sol Media for two decades.[5]

The Vasquez Syndicate has a strong sense of honor and will not break an agreement or betray an ally or partner.[6] It has within its ranks a cadre of soldiers who have undergone extensive augmentation, whom have received plastic bone lacing, reaction enhancers, muscle replacement, and retractable cyberspurs.[7]


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