Athena Djorovic is a Croatian crime lord in the Allied German States.

She inherited the Djorovic crime family from her father. Though there are rumors that she had a hand in his death, as there wasn't much love between them and he was making too many mistakes as the leader of the family. Under her leadership the family has expanded from the German state of Bavaria into the neighboring state of Franconia. She has proven to a ruthless cold woman that is as ambitious as her father and more enterprising than he ever was. She has maintained the family's allegiance to the Grey Wolves (since the days of her father) and has good relations with the some of the Vory to the disapproval of the Mafia's Alta Commissione.


  • Munchen Noir (Munich Noir by Fantasy Productions)
  • Unterwelten (German version of Vice by Pegasus Games)
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