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Capital Canberra
Government Federal parliamentary state
Leaders Prime Minister Sheila Powell
Population 20-25 million (exact numbers unknown)
GDP (total ¥) Unknown
   (per capita ¥) Unknown
Currency Nuyen (¥)


Sixth World[]

Australia is a meta-friendly country. Whatever discrimination exists in Australia is usually against non-Australians not metahumans as in those who refuse to assimilate and continue to maintain their foreign cultures, languages, or customs. Asian trolls and orks who became outcasts in their home countries found it to be a welcoming country.[1]


2011: Mana storms first appear [2]

On October 24th 2022 The Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand form the Australia and New Zealand Allied Confederation (ANZAC).

Imperial Japanese troops stationed until the death of Emperor Kenichi [3]


Mercenary work in Australia [4]

Sydney is an independent city hosting a permanent mana storm [5]

Foreign relations[]


Corporate Presence[]

Source of uranium for Shiawase [9]

Renraku attempted a "greening" of Great Victoria Desert [10]

Novatech runs an aerospace facility in Woomera [11]

Shiawase owns a rocket launch facility in Normanton, on the Cape York Peninsula, and an R&D center in Cairns [12]



Shadowland node in (at least) Sydney [13]


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Semi-Official sources

The novel Find Your Own Truth is set in England.

Australasia: Ka-Ge, Issue 7, 19–29