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The Axemen is an Asian gang based in New York City, one of the city's largest and strongest gangs.


The Axemen are an Asian gang, which consist of trolls and orks. It's veterans all have cyberhands with razors. They do hire themselves as muscle and have ties to the Neo-Anarchists.[1][2]


Leadership in the gang is based on patriarchal seniority. The leader is Michael Lee who is called the General. He dresses in a neo-Japanese business suit, like a middle-manager. The elders of the gang are respected and usually obeyed without any questions.[3]

Gang Territory[]

The gang is based in the island of Manhattan. It's common on the southside and has territory in the Terminal. Where it challenges the strongest gang, the elven Ancients.[4][5][6]

It expanded into the lawless lower eastside of the island, "The Pit" where it along with dozens of other gangs fought for dominance from the 2050s onward.[7] The gang wars in "The Pit" ended when the Cutters emerged victorious in the 2070s.[8]


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