The Aztechnology Corporate Security (ACS) is the paramilitary force of Aztechnology.


Aztechnology Corporate Security is in charge of securing all Aztechnology sites, and are supplemented by the feared elite units (the Jaguar Guard and the Leopard Guard).

The basic ACS officer rank low in training among corpsec forces, but have top notch gear and the latest tech. They also have a well-earned reputation for bloodshed and have a tendency to display little to no restraint in the administration of security procedures.[1]


Recently they have been extensively upgrading and overhauling the security technology and features used by Aztechnology Corporate Security (ACS) in all their facilities. Building mazes of redundant passive and active systems, and the latest in security technology.[2]


ACS officers are usually augmented with alphaware enhancements such as cybereyes, muscle toner, wired reflexes, and muscle augmentation. They are normally outfitted with full body armor and equipped with automatic firearms (e.g. sub-machine gun), a heavy pistol, and grenades.


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