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The Aztechnology Pyramid' is the unofficial name of the Aztechnology Northwest Complex owned and operated by Aztechnology. It is one of the most distinct locations in Seattle, modeled after the ancient religious structures of the Aztec and Mayan people. The unofficial name of the complex comes from the central stepped pyramid in its center.

After sundown, a spectacular light show on the walls of the pyramid makes it a notable tourist attraction. Special rides from dirigibles and helicopters are offered.

The pyramid has 72 levels, with various Aztechnology facilities throughout. The street level is open to the public and features a shopping mall.

Main Entrance: Broadway Avenue East and East Harrison Street, Downtown
Construction: 2022-2030
Dimensions: 500 meters by 500 meters (Main building, 195 meters by 195 meters and 300 meters tall)
Floors: 72
Elevators: 50
Population: 5,000 permanent residents


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