Aztechnology Zeta Bravo, Air Superiority Fighter

Aztechnology Halycon, Ground-Attack Tankbuster

Aztechnology Paynal, Thrust-Vector Craft

Aztechnology Agular, Attack Helicopter

Aztechnology Ahuitzotl-Class Patrol Submarine

Aztechnology Atlacamani-Class Corvette

Aztechnology Lobo, LAV

Aztechnology Camaxtli Hovertank

The Aztlan National Army

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Aztlan National Army is the official armed service of Aztlan and has 50,000 citizens under arms.[1] It is equipped and structured to defend territory not project force.[2]

Ground Forces[edit | edit source]

The ground forces has mechanized infantry supported by heavy armor. In their possession are tactical surface-to-surface missiles, the tube artillery (which uses laser-guided projectiles), and the main battle tanks. For fast and powerful offensives, they have specially equipped and trained "Operational Maneuver Groups" (copied from the Soviets).[3][1]

Naval Forces[edit | edit source]

Aztlaner naval forces have traditionally consisted of fast-attack submarines, destroyers, frigates, and patrol boats. They lack the strategic missile submarines of the great powers.[3] Over the last two decades the Aztlaners have greatly increased their naval power, by building and deploying several aircraft carriers. One of which is the "Diego Oriz" (commissioned in 2058). It has a crew of 70 Halycon fighters, 30 Aguilar-GX attack helicopters, and squadrons of aerial combat drones.[4]

Air Forces[edit | edit source]

The air force neither relies on numbers like the old Soviet air force or a small number of expensive, advanced aircraft like the old USAF. They are equipped with a moderate number of reliable aircraft, which are short-range interceptors and ground attack aircraft. No theater or strategic bombers in their arsenal.[2]

Recent Developments[edit | edit source]

Aztlan is starting to develop power projection abilities and state-of-the-art weapons for its armed forces. In the recent battle against Sirrurg in 2074 AD, in which Aztlan took down the dragon, sophisticated high-performance fighter aircraft (Bloodwings) engaged the dragon and impressed observers / analysts. They were aircraft so advanced they could nearly maneuver as well as a dragon and CAS pilots had encountered them previously and they were invisible to their sensors, faster, and could not lose them. In addition the navy had built and deployed to that same battle, Aztlan's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (Huey Tlatoani). Not to mention that Aztlan is the only one to possess weapons that can kill a dragon.[5][6]

The Corporate "Army"[edit | edit source]

Though it appears that Aztlan has a small military, they can count on the vastly larger force controlled directly by Aztechnology itself which has 150,000 security personnel. These men and women are often deployed right alongside the regular military, assisting at the northern border with the CAS and Pueblo Corporate Council as a deterrence or fighting in the jungles of Yucatán or Colombia. [1] This includes the use of Aztechnology's first-rate special forces ((Leopard Guard) and (Jaguar Guard)), and the legendary Guerreros of the Warrior-Orders.[7][8]

Combat Performance[edit | edit source]

The Aztlan National Army has fought in three wars since the establishment of Aztlan. They have been victorious in both of their wars against other states, 1st against Texas and more recently against Amazonia. They lost a war against insurgents in the Yucatan and therefore Aztlan had to grant them their autonomy. The Aztlan National Army (with Aztechnology's elite forces) has the distinction of being the first national military (or corporate army) in the Sixth World to defeat and possibly kill a Great Dragon (Sirrurg) in battle, and the only one to do so without the assistance of dragons.

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