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Aztlaner Mafia (known - red, likely - pink)

The Aztlaner Mafia (aka, Mexican Mafia) is organized crime which is ethnically Aztlaner (Mexican).

The Aztlaner Mafia is not a single organization, but consists of various types of organized crime groups. Some of them are crime families, others are drug trafficking syndicates, and then there are the syndicates which are prison gangs. These groups are involved in a wide variety of criminal activities. From smuggling to prostitution, drug trafficking to protection rackets, illegal gambling to loansharking, and so on. These organizations are either all Latino or mostly Latino in their membership so far from evidence. In the criminal underworld, the Aztlaner (Mexican) crime syndicates are among the most brutal in the world.

Those criminal outfits that were north of the U.S.-Mexico border, were mostly absorbed by the American Mafia (e.g. the Chavez Family). Just as all of the other ethnic European crime families had been absorbed by the Italian-American Mafia, and likewise most of the Latino, Black, and Afro-Caribbean criminal outfits had been. One known exception is the vicious prison gang called "La Eme", also known as the (Mexican Mafia). South of the border, those in Mexico either became part of the David Cartel, were made vassals, were destroyed, or are so small as to be insignificant and not a threat to the David Cartel.

Types of Aztlaner Syndicates[]


In reality, its the Mexican mafia today which dominates the American underworld. The Mexican cartels are at the top of the underworld in the United States with their control of the drug trade.[1][2][3] Chicano prison gangs (Mexican-Americans) dominate organized crime and the prison systems in California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Of which the most powerful (though one of the smallest) prison gang is the California-based Mexican Mafia (aka, La Eme).[4]

These prison gangs share control of the mid-level drug trade with lower-tiered Mexican crime families and drug gangs in the aforementioned states, and the Mexicans dominate the mid-level drug trade elsewhere in the country (with the Dominicans in the Northeast and the Cubans in Florida providing competition). Chicano prison gangs share control of the Federal prison system with their allies the Aryan Brotherhood and their rivals, the Black prison gangs. Latino street gangs (with their rivals the Black street gangs) dominate the streets of every major city.[5][6][7]