Don Daniel Martins of Baptistas from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Shadows of Europe

The Baptista Family is a Brazilian-Portuguese Mafia family based in Portugal.


The Baptistas were established in Portugal in the 2030s by a Brazilian expatriat (Luis Baptista) who formed a Mafia-worthy familia out of the myriad local underworld outfits. Died in 2062, and under Daniel Martins his lieutenant, the policy of independence from the Spanish Vasquez Syndicate continues.[1]


Portugal is the main gateway for drugs from the South American and African Ghost Cartels, and the diamond traffic, pirate loot sales, and talislegging from central Africa. It's also used to run guns to half the southern hemisphere hotspots. The Baptistas have their fingers in all the aforementioned, and in illegal gambling too.[2]

Recent EventsEdit

The Baptistas tried to convince the Alta Commissione to let the Baptistas break away from the Vasquez Syndicate.[3] They were unsuccessful in are now in a war with the Vasquez Syndicate which is being backed by the Alta Commissione.[4]


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