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The Bayard (Equus maximus) is believed to be the largest member of the horse family, the Awakened form of the wild horse (Equus przewalskii), a species that is believed to only exist in zoos. It is likely that the Bayard descended from escaped wild horses. It possesses a three-toed foot similar to certain prehistoric horses, and has larger eyes and larynx than its kin. Typical Bayards stand 2.2 meters tall at the shoulder and weigh over 550 kilograms.

Bayards are vegetarian, eating mostly grasses, grains, fruits, and small plants. They live in France, organized in nomadic groups of up to 30 members, dominated by one or two alpha males. Adult Bayards possess the ability to transform into mist, and have magical toxic breath and deafening cries. Even young Bayards are hard to catch, because the Bayard is fastest species of horse alive today.

Zeta-ImpChem developed a chemical in 2049 that prevents the Bayard from undergoing the mist transformation, and now Bayard breeding and captivity is a minor industry throughout France and the Middle East. Crossbreeds between Bayards and horses are always infertile, and lack any Awakened powers, although they do approach the Bayard's amazing running speed.