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The Beaux Retail Consortium is a fashion label of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies and primarily serves the corporate citizens of the Japan corps with leisure and business attire of the middle class. Originally, Beaux Retail was the proprietary brand of Cross Applied Technologies and part of the corporate image. However, the fashion label, like many other parts of the cross-empire, was sold when the company was smashed after the crash of 2064 at the behest of Ares

In Cross's time, Beaux Retail was an important element in the mega-company's own presentation. Among his employees, it was practically a duty to wear Beaux Retails casual suits. Clothing of arch-competitor Ares, however, was heavily frowned upon.


In the field of casual wear, short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts with simple patterns, as well as ties and trousers are some of Beaux Retail's 2073 offerings. The business attire, which includes - likewise simply patterned - suit combinations for the gentlemen, skirts for the ladies, neckties and shoes, is clearly more expensive with prices starting from 100 Nuyen.

Collections and brands[]

Beaux Retail Cosmetics[]

Beaux Retail offers both fashion and cosmetic ranges, and each division benefited from clever cross-sales marketing campaigns.

The Beaux[]

The luxury brand "The Beaux" was Beaux Retail's attempt to gain a foothold in haute couture. Set in late in Cross's history in 2063, the brand never had a real chance to develop before the crash broke CATCo, and so it remains largely undeveloped and a small brand with a few dozen stores.