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The Bedouin are a desert nomadic people of the Middle East and north Africa.

The Bedouin are a desert people whom are organized into tribes. While Muslim, their is great variety among the tribes in how they have adapted to the Sixth World.

Many of the Bedouin view magicians and metahumans with distrust. Some raid and attack outsiders, especially corporations that are attempting to exploit the desert. There are Bedoin who believe that those who wear cyberware are going against the will of Allah, that magicians have sold their soul to Shaytan for power, spirits are evil, and metahumans have been touched by Shaytan. In the Empty Quarter and the deep desert, the Bedouin are involved in most shadow business.[1]

The Middle Eastern Bedouin tribes are deeply involved in the smuggling business, smuggling all kinds of goods from Egypt to Syria, east to Baghdad and connecting with the New Silk Road, and south into the Arabian desert. Bedouins are aligned with one one, arming one side one moment and helping the other side the next moment. When they make a deal they honor it to the letter. One of the Bedouin tribes led by Sheikh Yusuf runs a "Tentown", a huge traveling fair that visits the villages, never staying in the same place for more than 2 days. Muslims go there to enjoy Romanian joygirls or to get chipped.[2]

The African Bedouin tribes are struggling. Many of them make a living as salvagers or work as cheap labor in the Desert wars. Others have turned to providing the tourists and off-duty soldiers with red-light services (brothels, chips, and other vices).[3]


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