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Population: 4,200,000 (as of 2062)
Human: 68%
Elven: 12%
Dwarven: 7%
Ork: 8%
Troll: 5%
Other: 1%
Per Capita Income: 93,000€
Below Poverty Level: 4%
Corporate-Affiliated: 53%
High School Equivalency: 51%
College Degrees: 32%
Advanced Degrees: /
BuMoNA-Coverage: Only corporate city sectors
Guaranteed Reaction Time: 10 minutes
High-Risk Areas: Former anarchist east
Phone Prefix: 030

Berlin is a free city in Germany.


It was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1990 to 2023 when the government and parliament escaped escalating riots and relocated to Hannover.
In 2039, after a small-scale civil war that had started with the Night of Rage an organization called "Anarchist Movement Berlin" (AMB) gained control of the city and declared Berlin the "Greatest Experiment in Anarchist History".
The anarchist rule lasted til 2055 when joint corporate forces, acting on orders of the German government, invaded the city and, after weeks of fighting, forced the surviving anarchists to retreat to the eastern part of the city that was later walled off.

Anarchists and corporations signed a truce in 2060 and Berlin was separated into the small anarchist east (surrounded by walls and heavily guarded by corporate forces) and the large corporate west (divided into sectors each controlled by a corporation).

In 2072, a sprawl guerilla cell called UV-X detonated the Surtr nanoweapon in an attack. This provided casus belli to the corporations for finally ending the anarchist rule in Berlin. Corporate forces quickly captured the anarchist-ruled part of Berlin with relatively few casualties. After the reunification, Berlin was given a federal government-like city council and all of the districts were given semi-autonomus powers. Each of the districts selects a representative for the council.

The districts are split between so-called alternative districts, mostly eastern district that used to be anarchists and the corporate district, mostly made of the previously western district controlled by the corporations.





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