Bernard Gasser is one of the primary shareholders of Zeta-ImpChem, and a renowned chemist.

Gasser was born in 1967 in the city of Bern in Switzerland. He graduated from the university of Bern in 1998 with a degree (Doctor) in medcine. After that he went to Columbia Business School in New York. There he became witness to the Seretech Decision and later the Shiawase Decicion. In 2005 he returned to Switzerland. He started working for Lonza Group, becoming CEO of Lonza in 2009 and CEO fo Ciba-Lonza in 2011. In 2032 he passed the CEO position of Zeta-ImpChem to Harald Meier.

He personally owns 37% of the shares of Zeta-ImpChem, as well, as various houses and luxury flats in Bern, Zurich, Basel, Paris, Manhattan and the small town of Gampel (Wallis).

He is described as a ruthless scientific visionary, and his leadership along with Richard Bührle has built Zeta-ImpChem into one of the top chemical and pharmaceutical corporations in Europe and around the world.


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