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The beverages below have been introduced since the start of the Sixth World.


Or'zet for strong booze. A dark, thick ale the consistency of soup, swimming with hops and nutmeg, and fortified with a combination of 160 to 180 proof alcohols.

The mildly hallucinogenic properties of large amounts of nutmeg, along with the alcohol generates a terrific buzz, and often leads to passing out afterwards. Hurlg has a robust, nutty flavor, and is inflammable. Those with lower constitutions (especially humans and elves) often suffer disorientingly severe and painful stomach cramps unless they have a related implant or magic.

Fomorian Usquebaugh[]

An Irish Celtic version of Hurlg, more reminiscent of whiskey in flavour.

Orkstaff’s XXX[]

A North American brand of Hurlg, taking its name from the original meaning of XXX


In the Fourth World, Hurlg was an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rye mixed with animal fat. The type of fat used determines its quality, from low-grade cat fat to celebratory thundra fat.

Old Redeye[]

Expensive and recognised licquor.


A coffee substitute made from soybeans. Much like other soy-based foods, it became common due more to the cost of the real thing, than its own flavor quality.


A distilled hard liquor made of honey and anise. Sweet with a pleasant bite of licorice, it's what ouzo always wanted to be when it grew up; described as full-bodied, with a healthy ethanol kick. Surprisingly, hangovers occur much less frequently than with mead. Made locally in Tir Tairngire, there are several different brands.