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Headquarters: Beverly Park Road and 117th Street SW, Everett

LTG#: 3206 (72-3972)

President: Jay W. Bicson

Bicson Biomedicals is a small pharmaceutical company that specializes in producing drugs to ease a patient's physical assimilation of cyberware. Specifically, Bicson is a pharmaceutical manufacturer and research lab that specializes in drugs and compounds related to cyber-implant procedures and maintenance, mainly immunosuppressants, viral nano, synthesized hormones like beta-endorphins and some bioware like artificial glands.

Bicson started out in the 2040s as a pharmaceutical manufacturer and re-search lab specializing in drugs related to cyber-implant procedures and main-tenance, mainly immunosuppressants and synthesized hormones like beta-endorphins. They grew during the boom in biotechnologies in the 2050s, a so-called "bioware boom", but not well enough to keep them from being gobbled up by one of the bigger fish in the pond. Cross Biomedical quietly bought out Bicson in 2055 and made it a subsidiary of Cross Applied Technologies / Cross Advanced Technologies. The company continues to put stuff out under the Bicson name and logo, but upper management answers to Cross Biomed in Boston, and then to the head office in Montreal.

After CATCo's fall from AAA status, it was snatched up by Shiawase. Bicson continued developing drugs related to cyberware and bioware technologies, notably improved neural gels, nanoviruses, and gene-therapies to handle rejection issues. The results of their research are funneled into Shiawase’s facilities in the metroplex and then to the corporation’s head office.

The manufacturing aspects of the business have largely been shifted to other subsidiaries, although Bicson does have suffcient on-site manufacturing to produce trial series of drugs for testing.

At some point, the company was sold to Zeta-ImpChem by 2076. It is not clear what details led to this transfer.

Corporate Owners[]

2055: Cross Applied Technologies acquires Bicson.

2072: Shiawase is the owner of Bicson.

2076: Zeta-ImpChem owns Bicson Biomedical, a Seattle-based subsidiary.


o53359571Seattle Sprawl: Emerald Shadows p. 31, claims Bicson is a Shiawase subsidiary.

o53359571Seattle Sprawl: Ruling the Queen City p. 28, claims it as a Zeta-ImpChem subsidiary.

This same source claims that the Crying Wall is located in the "basement of the Bicson Building" (p. 27) in Tacoma. This may simply be referring to the ownership of the building (by the Bicson family, perhaps), and not actual corporate inhabitation, Bicson's headquarters being in Everett.

Writing variants[]

  • Bicson Biomedicals -- o87427754S2072
  • Bicson Biomedical -- o79645619CD, o03045067NS


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