Biotechnology traditionally covers the broadly-defined area of science that deals with incorporating scientific research with living things, including genetically engineered plants and animals, synthetic chemicals based on natural derivatives, and other applications of the life sciences. In the scope of the Sixth World, however, biotechnology typically means the implantation and development of Bioware. Bioware involves cloning specific organs and enhancing them, implanting the enhanced organs into the body. It also involves the modification of natural bodily functions for cosmetic and beneficial effect.

Top Tier

  • Shiawase - Shiawase is the primary provider of Bioware implants around the world. Their Shiawase Biotech Division has the largest amount of financial assets of any biotech division in the world, and it is well-diversified in cybertechnology, nanotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Universal Omnitech - UniOmni is at the top of the field in Biotechnology. They have remained years ahead of any other research corporation, and with their manufacturing and marketing partnership with Aztechnology, they have been able to focus on pure research into biotechnology, cybertechnology, and gengineering.

Second Tier

  • Cross Applied Technologies - Cross Biomedical has made significant leaps in cultured neuralware and continues to pour funds into research. Their primary focus is on the brain and its associated neural research.
  • Proteus AG - Proteus AG has developed many adaptations for metahumans to adapt to underwater conditions. They focus on ways to adapt metahuman physiology to extreme conditions, such as space.
  • Yakashima - Its subsidiary, BioGene, has continued to be a world player in biotechnology, although BioGene has been plagued with scandal involving unethical research.
  • Yamatetsu (Evo) - Yamatetsu keeps abreast of all fields in biotechnology, as a complement to their dominance of the cyberware market. They also produce bioware specific to the needs of metahumans. Their subsidiary CrashCart provides some of the cheapest prices for clinics, giving other companies a run for their money.


  • Aztechnology - Through their Genetique subsidiary, Aztechnology is the world leader in providing cosmetic bioware to the masses. It focuses on sterilization and birth control bioware, although its policies have often drawn fire from pro-metahuman groups.
  • Saeder-Krupp - The world's largest megacorp has its claws into everything, and that includes biotechnology. Recently, they've focused on bioware implants for animals, and have successfully implanted bioware into paranormal animals.
  • Tamanous - Tamanous is a world-wide criminal organization that deals in organ harvesting. The leaders of Tamanous are wanted all over the world. They are a constant source of "used bioware" hitting the street chop shops as of late.
  • Tan Tien - When it comes to innovation, Tan Tien matches and sometimes exceeds the research of Universal Omnitech. They typically stick to research, selling off their ideas to the highest bidder.
  • Transys Neuronet - Transys Neuronet recently has become interested in bio-computers and cell-based memory systems, which puts them in direct competition with Mitsuhama's "wetware" work.


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