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Black Chrysanthemum Triad (branches and smuggling network)

The Black Chrysanthemum Triad is a based in Macao in the Canton Confederation. It's stronghold in Hong Kong is in the worst slums (the Kowloon Walled City).[1] They are one of the most brutal and cruel syndicates in the Sixth World, one which is as feared in Hong Kong as Tamanous is feared in Seattle. It ranks among the most powerful Triads of Hong Kong, China, and the Pacific Rim.

Membership: 10,000+ (likely)[2]

Annual Revenue: Billion+ (nuyen, minimum)[3]


The Triad's backbone are the Kowloon gangs that are made up mostly of mainland refugees.[4] Like the other major Hong Kong Triads, it actively recruits metahumans. They also recruit the non-Chinese into its ranks in Hong Kong which includes Filipinos, Vietnamese, and Indians.[5][6][7][8] Some of the members sport tattoos, the moving neon kind.[9]


Like the other major Hong Kong Triads, it recruits extensively from the Awakened, and therefore is strong in magical forces as demonstrated in the Smoke Circle-Black Chrysanthemum War during the Battle of Kowloon City. It's best known face, is the brutal infamous physical adept Hak who led their forces in the recent Smoke Circle-Black Chrysanthemum War.

A percentage of their members are cybered, apparently 1-2 out of every 6-7 members. Black Chrysanthemum lieutenants which are not Awakened, usually are cybered. Some of the augmentations they have been enhanced with include wired reflexes and dermal sheaths. They are usually outfitted with ballistic armor (e.g. vest) and armed with automatic firearms (machine pistols and assault rifles). Soldiers also carry a knife or a sword, and some of them can be armed with grenade launchers.[10][11]

Criminal Enterprises[]

In Hong Kong, they are the main human trafficking syndicate, which forces its clients into slavery to pay off their debts (e.g. working in sweatshops and in factories producing counterfeit goods), many of whom they work to their death. The syndicate is also strong in Hong Kong's gambling rackets. Within the sprawl it kidnaps SINless residents daily to harvest their organs, and also harvest the organs of some of their indentured workers. They also kidnap women for the international sex trade.[12][13]

In the Canton Confederation, outside of Macao, the Triad has gunrunning and organlegging enterprises.[14] They are also involved in the trafficking of Golden Triangle drugs. It's leadership remains a mystery, with the only know high-ranking Triad officer being the ruthless, brutal Hak.[15] The Black Chrysanthemums are not only one of the largest Triads in Hong Kong, but also is one of the two Triads involved in the most loathsome crimes in Hong Kong and perhaps in all of Asia.[16] It is so ruthless that no one in the underworld trusts them for long.[17]

Tempo Drug War[]

In 2071, the Black Chrysanthemum Triad got into a war with the Smoke Circle Society in Hong Kong for control of the Tempo drug trade. It was a brutal, bloody war resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands. The two rival Triads, were greatly weakened in the aftermath. Black Chrysanthemums lost 30% of its strength and their rivals, 50% of their strength. Fighting continues between the two, but at a lower intensity.[15]

Criminal Network[]

The Black Chrysanthemum Triad is a great power in the Far East Asian underworld and its reach stretches across the Pacific;


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