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Black Forest Troll Republic
Capital Freiburg
Government Republic
Leaders Hugo Von Hasslach
Population 180,000
  • Troll: 38%
  • Ork: 34%
  • Human: 21%
  • Other: 7%
Land area
GDP (total)
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups
Major Languages Spoken
Major Religions
Currency 2 Deutsche Mark (DM) = 1 = 1 ¥

The Black Forest Troll Republic is an Allied German State (ADL) and one of the Awakened Lands.


After the secession of the Süddeutschen Bund (Southern German Federation) in 2038, the government initiated pogroms against orks and trolls and the setting up of internment camps. The metahumans being repressed by the government defended themselves with magic. Similarly as in America, the government could not, even with the use of external armed forces such as MET2000, defeat the deadly mix of magic and guerilla-tactics.

The Trollwars[]

The resistance was led by a troll with the alias of "Berthold". He led a small insurgency force to the "Rottweiler Befreiung" on 28 October 2038, where they liberated the largest internment camp in Swabia. During the fighting the insurgents killed a large number of guards and afterward executed the remaining internment camp personnel. The insurgency after the liberation continued operating with guerilla tactics in the wooded mountain range in Baden-Württemberg known as the Black Forest region. Unattributed sources started to circulate that the awakened nature had caused as many casualties as the insurgents.

In February 2042 the regional government fearing defeat, initiated a large-scale offensive termed "Schwabenstreich" in the region held by the insurgents. Large scale fighting resulted in the defeat and turning back of government backed troops. Berthold, with mages controlling nature under his command, initiated a wide-scale counterattack in April 2042. The mages through a series of earthquakes the Rheingraben region shook with seismic activity and caused volcanic eruptions of Eifel and Kaiserstuhl. Large sections of Karlsruhe were destroyed and the Neuwieder Becken flooded. As a consequence, Württemberg let Baden in to wage the war alone. Berthold used this opportunity to declare on the 19 February 2043 the independence of the Trollkönigreich Schwarzwald. On February 2043, Kampfgruppe Pfeiffer appeared to support the independence of the Troll Kingdom against the Swabians.

The fighting ended with the announcement of the fall of the Hunggarten government in May 2044. On 8 May 2045 the Trollkönigreich became an official part of the ADL.

This period of time, called the "Trollwars", are the reason for the strained and hostile relationship between Swabians, Bavarians and trolls.


In 2061, King Berthold vanished without a trace and ten years later the state declared him dead. After his disappearance, Chancellor Hugo Van Hasslach assumed leadership and guided the state through Crash 2.0. The polity is no longer a kingdom but a republic. All of the duchies were converted into counties and the aristocracy is gone which left a number of unhappy ex-nobles. The People's Council is attempting to cooperate with the rest of Germany and Europe to strengthen the bonds. Laws that used to be loose have been tightened and the country is now more open to non-meta visitors. Law enforcement is likewise working closer with both the Bundeswehr and the Bundespolizei.[1]

Politics in the Kingdom[]

The monarchy had the university town Freiburg as the capital with its governance comprised of a feudalistic system. The first citizen status of orks and trolls in contrast to other demographics is explicitly written in the constitution and has caused a point of contention between other ADL countries and France. Nonetheless, norms, elves and dwarves were permitted to live and work in the kingdom. Extraterritorial corporate facilities are limited to those facilities that existed before the founding of the Kingdom. The primary income of the Kingdom comes mainly from road taxation of major road traffic conduits of the Rheintal between the ADL and Switzerland. A second major revenue source is agriculture. The country suffers from increasing inflation and lack of state funds. The increasing anxiety of a destitute populace has lead to a small but growing movement for democracy, which finds many supporters in the traditionally liberal Freiburg. Moreover, even some trolls follow the idea of a "Groß-Baden" where the kingdom includes the Alliance Country Badisch-Pfalz, Karlsruhe and a part of the Elsass. This is of course without the anti-metahuman and racist goals of the Groß-Badische Kreuzzugsbewegung.

Awakened Land[]

From the beginning of the 21st century a lack of urbanization due to the collapsing paper industry, caused a strong reforestation in the Black Forest region. Even today around 80% of the previous small population centers in the Middle- and High Black Forest region are uninhabited. After the Awakening, and the increasing rapid reforestation, caused many different paracritters, awakened plants, free spirits and astral phenomena to appear and inhabit the region. For these reasons, the Kingdom counts as an Awakened Land.

Even in the Middle Ages the Black Forest was rife with legends, fairy-tales and myths. But what were once just horror stories for children have now awakened and stalk through the Black Forest. Mages report a background count from 1 to 4; also an unknown number of awakened animals and plants have been noted. There are 10% more free nature spirits, ghosts and astral phenomena than in any other ADL Countries in the region.

The hoard of the old dragon Kaltenstein is suspected somewhere on the Feldberg.

23 sectors are classified as paranormal danger zones.

Many of the myths and legends of awakened, for example "Die schöne Melusine" (Melusine) in the Sollenberger Woods at Offenburg and "das Schloßfräulein von Steinen" (The castle girl of stone) in the Wiesental region have been reported by eye witnesses who have encountered these paranormal phenomena.


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