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The Blindfish is a go-gang formed in CalFree by orcs.

Membership: 1,000

The Blindfish gang originated in a go-gang that modeled itself on the old 1% biker gangs and called themselves the Orkland MC. It had a membership which was half Ork and roamed around western North America, absorbing smaller go-gangs. After the Crash 2.0, the gang imploded and fragmented.

One of those fragments were the Blindfish. Like the Orkland MC, they too drove around the western part of North America and absorbed smaller go-gangs. It's gang members never speak to anyone and wear opaque full-faced helmets which are not taken off (at least around outsiders).

Since that change it is not known if the gang is made up of orcs only, accepts other types of Metahumans, or it also accepts non-metahumans into the gang. As for the name of "Blindfish" it's a name given by outsiders which stuck.

The Blindish revenue stream comes from their involvement in drug smuggling and gun running. As of 2072 AD, it has 1,000 members and is active in western North America.[1]


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