Blitz is a character in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.


He was a Ganger in Berlin. Like many of Berlin's youth who were either abandoned or orphaned, Blitz joined the Drogenkippe kiez when he was just a kid during the time of anarchist riots of 39. There he joined the Schwartz Herzen gang where his decking skills got the attention of the gang leader, Dieter, who was decent enough for a Ganger, and, with Blitz's help, kept the gang running well for about a decade. Dieter's death caused the gang to take a turn for the worse as his second-in-command, Leoni Luster, had no love for Blitz or the Drogenkippe and marked Blitz for death. In one last move, Blitz released all of the gang's info to a rival gang, who then took over and conscripted him as a decker, much to his dismay and left him in the same predicament as before.


  • Blitz contacts you at the end of the Kesselhaus run, offering access to the gang's vault in exchange for cover while he makes a run for it. With Gang Etiquette, you can learn about his involvement with the gang and pressure him for information. After clearing the corridor to the vault of three gangers, you enter inside (courtesy of Blitz' own backdoor) and face an unforeseen complication.
  • If you pilfered the damaged drone from the vault and brought it to Ellit for repairs, she will reveal that it has a custom AIOS installed that will cause it to obey commands from just one person. Turns out, that person is Blitz. He will ask for her back.
  • Blitz will ask about the possibility of more work, to cover his expenses. Although he claims he has expensive tastes, if pressed he will reveal that he is in debt, due to services rendered by his contacts, involving a girl. He met Emilie in the Drogenkippe. She was a natural talent in technics - and the first person to cause Blitz to value someone more than himself. Then, one day, she up and left with most of his gear, leaving one note behind - "Leave me alone." He racked up the debt moving the earth and heavens to find her, to no avail.
  • After a run passes, you can follow up on Emilie and then either encourage him to look for her or have him walk away from the deal. Finally, he will uncover a special message from Emilie and decide to go after her. With Decking 5, you can decide to join him in his efforts, but he will insist this is his job alone.
  • Finally, it will turn out that Blitz can find her - and promptly fucks it up, endangering her and breaking a five-year-long operation by the Schockenwellenreiter. You can help Blitz change for the better - or drive him into the ground. On the other hand you can convince him to back away and his patience is rewarded when she returns to reunite with Blitz after Schockenwellenreiter's success operation.
  • During the attack on the Kreuzbasar, he is not involved with the direct counterattack on Audran's men, as he's restoring communications together with Maliit Holyey.

Blitz Upgrade PathsEdit

Level Upgrade
LEVEL 3 SMG UPGRADE: Blitz's trusty submachine gun now pierces 1 point of Armor.
AUGMENTED VISION: Blitz's basic cybereyes are upgraded to a deluxe model. Accuracy increased by 3%, for a total of 6%.
LEVEL 4 DECKING BOOST: Blitz's Decking is increased by 1.
ESP BOOST: Blitz's ESP Control is increased by 1.
LEVEL 5 DECK UPGRADE: Blitz gains a Fairlight Excalibur cyberdeck, replacing his old VirtuaX deck.
CYBERWARE INSTALLATION: Blitz gains a hydraulic jack cyberware, increasing his move speed by 4 as a 0 AP action. Duration: 1 RND.
LEVEL 6 PAIN SUPPRESSION: While Blitz is jacked in to the Matrix, attacks on his physical body are reduced by 3 DMG.
NOVAHOT TARGETTING: Integrated tactical computer marks weak points in an opponent's armor. Blitz's mark target ability now reduces the target's armor by 2.

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