The Blood Monkeys is a gang based in New York City.

The Blood Monkeys is the most powerful gang on the lower Westside and Eastside of the island of Manhattan. In the 2050s, they expanded their turf into Downtown and the Southside.[1] In the Downtown they warred with the Ancients and the local street gang, the Wrathchildes.[2] The gang has ties to the dockworkers.[3]

Having expanded into the the lawless lower eastside of the island, "The Pit" they found themselves in a multi-sided fight with dozens of other gangs for dominance from the 2050s onward.[4] The gang wars in "The Pit" ended when the Cutters emerged victorious by 2071.[5] Due to the government transfer of the a significant part of the lower-income and middle-income population to its home territory, the Blood Monkeys in the mid 2070s found themselves in a turf war with the Ancients and a relocated gang, the Wrathchildes.[6]


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