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The Bocnoa is a small Bodega in Lisbon/Portugal.

There you wouldn't find any Mr. Johnson - except and really seldom one or two from Lusiada in very special cases - and it's as well not part of the merc-market.

In the Bar/Small Restaurant only the traditional Portuguese music - the Fado - is played and they serve a really good but heavy madaira or port there. Any guest drinks it - uncaring of the headache next day... The kitchen of the restaurant is kept by the owner's wife, assisted by her younger daughters and her sister. Only traditional Portuguese food is served, but this is of really very good quality.

It's a good place to meet one of the old hags from the neighbourhood - called Bruixas - and buy some magic: an amulett, a love potion or may be a curse. Also the Portugeses are very Roman Catholic they have a strange love for that kind of traditional witches.


This Bar/Small Restaurant is a self-created location, completely made up from own ideas by the user "Dorle" and should considered there for Non-Canon.

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