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Capital Unknown
Government Communist Republic
Leaders Limberg Velazco
Population Unknown
Land area
GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups
Major Languages Spoken
Major Religions
Currency Unknown

Bolivia is a country in South America.


The nation of Bolivia is run by a neo-communist regime. It is allied with the Morales Cartel which brings much revenue into the country and provides its military with training, recruits, and weapons. The government of Bolivia hates Amazonia and opposes the Japanacorps, and supports guerrillas and rebels which fight against either one of them.[1][2]


Limberg Velazco came to power leading the local Aymaram natives in a revolution [3]

Changes the senior party leaders on a frequent basis [3]


The nation of Bolivia is a landlocked country. It is mountainous in the west and has grasslands and dry land in the east. It's surrounded by Amazonia to the east and north, Peru to the west, Chile to the southwest, Argentina to the south, and Paraguay to the southeast.


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