The Boston Mafia is the Mafia crime cartel in the city of Boston.

Factions (Major): 2 families

Factions (Minor): unknown number

The Boston Mafia is a crime cartel which consists of several Mafia families (Irish and Sicilian), of which the two main families are the O'Rilley Family which runs the cartel and the Sicilian Morelli Family which is looking to topple them. The O'Rilleys run the local Mafia with a smooth blend of old school violence and a softer elven tactical touch. Within Boston, the Sicilian families don't get along with the Irish families (who rose to prominence with the wave of Irish refugees from Ireland after it was taken over by the elves). Only the Mafia doesn't dominate in Boston is the bio-Awakened drug trade, which was taken over by the Damon the night club owning dragon. The Morellis are rumored to be attempting to make secret deals with the objective of undermining and perhaps betraying the O'Rilleys.[1] The Yakuza and Triads are at best second tier syndicates in the city (along with the Vory), with the Seoulpa Rings the usual 3rd tier syndicates.[2]


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