The Bot'Kham (Or'zet for "Sons of Kham") are a gang based in the city of Seattle.

The Bot'Kham is an Ork gang which was founded by family members of the retired Ork shadowrunner Kham. It's a gang that was run by Kham until he retired in 2056.[1] The gang is one of the most organized of the factions within the Creeps smuggling network.

It's both an extended family and a gang, which makes its money serving as muscle-for-hire. They operate on a strict code which is based on familial loyalty and professionalism. They'll never betray either their employer or their family.[2] Among the criminal services they provide are transportation and security, and are well equipped including war wagons (up armored vehicles).[3]

The Bot'Kham are the 2nd largest gang in the Ork Underground. They are a predatory gang, that is leading the resistance against the Seattleites who are moving into the Underground which is undergoing gentrification.[4]


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