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The Brain-Eaters are a gang based in the city of Austin in Texas.

Membership: hundreds (see: NOTE)


The Brain Eaters are a national first-tier gang with chapters outside of Austin, including in the cities of Seattle and Denver.[1][2] The chapter in the Denver Front Range Free Zone, recently splintered into several gangs one of which was the Zombies gang.[3]

Seattle Chapter[]

It is a mixed-race gang that operated in the Touristville neighborhood of Redmond. They were mainly compose of technicians that would scavenge the remains of the district's technological infrastructure. Their colors were black over white and they would wear a red fez with a gold tassel.

Lone Star didn't bother them much, they were a pretty tame thrill-gang. The rumors, they were eating human brains as part of the gang initiation were just that: rumors without any evidence.

In the 2060s they helped out the Yakuza in the expansion of its activities in Redmond in exchange for cyberdecks and electronics that "fell off the back of the truck". In the 2070s, with the new matrix and interference in their region, they are no longer active. 

They had issues with another gang, Red Hot Nukes, when Grinder considered the Brain Eater as "enemies of the people".


The total membership of the Brain Eaters has never been given. In 2055 it was considered to be a first-tier gang, and those gangs had memberships in the low to upper hundreds.(e.g. Cutters and Ancients).[4] By 2072, per the FBI first-tier gangs have thousands of members, as high as over 10,000 members.[5] A gang with a couple hundred would now be at best a second-tier gang.


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