Capital Rangoon
Government Democracy
Leaders Unknown
Population 46,128,000
Land area Unknown
GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups Burman: 75%, Karen: 9%, Chin: 6%, Mon: 5%, Other: 4%
Major Languages Spoken Burmese (91%), English (14%)
Major Religions 86% Buddhist, 4% Christian, 3% Muslim, 3% Shamanist
Currency Unknown

Burma is a state in mainland Southeast Asia.

It is a rotten corrupt state, where the dream of democracy has turned into a tragic joke. After the military dictatorship was replaced by a democratic government, corruption quickly spread like a plague among the newly elected politicians. They do the bidding of the corporations and drug cartels. Due to increasing competition in the opiate trade from the drug lords in Yunnan and the Shan State, the Burmese drug syndicates expanded into the manufacture of synthetic drugs and BTLs.[1]

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