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The Los Angeles Burning Angels (aka, Los Angeles Ardientes) are a Latino gang based in Los Angeles, which is the largest and most powerful gang in the sprawl.

Membership: 200 (plus 600 hanger-ons, wannabes, and hopefuls)[1]

Annual Income: up to the 10s of millions (nuyen)[2]


Sage, a female mystic adept and honorary member of the Anasazi tribe is the leader of the Burning Angels. She runs the gang by herself, though she has a core group that assist her (Chia, Fuego, Smoke Devil, and Brome). Fuego, a troll with flashy red cyberware is the 2nd in command. Red Brome is the top mage in the gang. The gang accepts both humans and Metahumans, and both the Awakened and those with cyber modifications. It's members are organized into squads of 5-10 each, who train and live together.

Gang Culture[]

The gang has two levels, the street-level gang members who passed the basic initiation and the elite who passed the Anasazi ritual. To go through the basic initiation, you have to have 3 confirmed kills, at which point you can request to join the gang. To get admitted you get a "beat in" in a chalk-drawn circle by 5 members in a free-for-all fight that runs 20 seconds. You can't leave the circle and if you prove to be a good fighter or endure the beating without a whimper, you're in. Plead for mercy, and you will be killed.[1]

Joining the elite, requires that you to trek out into the desert and go to the Anasazi. Not everyone attempts to do so and most of those who do don't survive the desert or the ritual. Those who return as honorary members of the Anasazi sporting a star on the cheek are held in high regard.[3] Though the gang is run by Sage and her four lieutenants, anyone with a star on the right cheek, can sit on the "War Council" where strategic decisions are made, as well as plots developed. They also have other rights too, including first choice of the imported combat drugs, exclusive flophouses, a cut of the profits, etc.[1]

Gang Territory[]

Originally the Burning Angels were based in "El Infierno" in southwest Los Angeles. After the flood, they spread out across the city, but the flooded area continues to be their stronghold. The gang makes its home on some of the islands that were originally tall buildings, small hills, or elevated plateaus. From these sites, they rule over the survivors.[3] Their territory extends all the way east into the San Bernardino district.

The Burning Angels use waterscooters and fast, shallow-bottom boats, and possess submersibles. PCC has left them alone because it would take a large military force to confront them.[3][4]

The gang considers most of Los Angeles to be their turf and most of the smaller gangs will not challenge them when they come through their territory, not after the Burning Angels very publicly made gruesomely bloody examples of the few that dared.[2]

Criminal Enterprises[]

Many gangs in the Barrens have Anasazi tattoos and own arsenals big enough for them to invade a small country, but the Burning Angels are the most powerful among them. They claim a lot of what used to be East L.A. as well as large parts of Downtown. It has connections to the Anasazi tribe in the Mojave Desert and provides them with a smuggling route into the Los Angeles area for the drugs, gear, and weapons distributed by the Anasazi.[5]

The gang has been waging a shadow war against the Horizon corporation, the PCC government, and the Koshari syndicate.[5] It is a gang that has been supplied mil-spec weapons by Aztechnology and whose members have received training by its elite Jaguar and Cuachicqueh warriors.[6] Which has made the Burning Angels, the most dangerous and lethal gang in the Los Angeles sprawl.[1]


Being a Latino gang from southwestern Los Angeles, it means it is either a "Sureno" gang or it's descended from a Sureno gang. Therefore it is possibly affiliated with the Mexican Mafia.[1][2]


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