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Buttercup is the name of the free spirit that has controlling stock (at present, 29 percent) in the AAA Megacorporation Evo, making her one of the most public and powerful free spirits known in the Sixth World. She is an anima who appears as an 18 year old Japanese girl, with long black hair that she often ties up, and a very expressive face that practically glows when she is excited or angry. She doesn't walk, preferring to float or glide, and prefers traditional Japanese clothing. She is a major influence on the current Chairman Yuri Shibanokuji.

She is known to have the powers of Astral Gateway, Aura Masking, Human Form, Possession, Sorcery, and Wealth, as well as Sense Link to those who pay her Karma and Telepathic Link to those who know her true name.


She first surfaced shortly after Yamatetsu achieved AAA status in 2042. At first, she played herself as a young Japanese heiress to 11 percent of Yamatetsu stock. She appeared to be influential in not only helping Yamatetsu's image but also in reinstating Tadamako Shibanokuji back as chairman in 2050. In the fourth quarter of 2050, she revealed herself as a Free Spirit, reportedly floating between two of the board members and scaring the wits out of Hideo Yoshida. She proved to be a master manipulator of the corporate board, although the image of Yamatetsu suffered overall from her admission. She consolidated her power with supporters on the board, while her opponents quietly schemed behind the scenes. When Tadamako Shibanokuji died in 2059, she was instrumental in bringing his son, the ork Yuri Shibanokuji, to claim his inheritance.

She received this bequest from Dunkelzahn in his will:

"To Buttercup of Yamatetsu Corporation, I leave my complete collection of comic books with respect for our mutual appreciation of the art form. Not manga, I know, but you could stand to develop a taste for some of the classics, my dear."

It is rumored that she had a close relationship with Dunkelzahn, due to the harsh tutelage she gained when Dunkelzahn bound her to an underprivileged and uneducated ork's body for a year and a day in 2033,[1] a lesson in fundamental equality of all life forms. The ork subsequently was given a new identity (Craig Sanchez) and a trust fund, as well as a magical pendant in Dunkelzahn's Will.


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