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Cachoeira Cartel

The Cachoeira Cartel is a crime syndicate based in Paraguay. (Cachoeria is "waterfall" in Portuguese) It is based in based in the Ciudad del Este and is a direct competitor of the Morales Cartel.

Organization[edit | edit source]

During the Tempo-Drug War, the cartel was led by Zeca Diablo, a former hitman rumored to be a vampire.[1] The cartel is now aligned with Amazonia.[2] The cartel is also a magic-heavy syndicate, more than the other cartels.[3]

Criminal Enterprises[edit | edit source]

The cartel has extensive operations in Amazonia (including in the vassal state of Uruguay) and in Argentina.[2] It dominates the inland smuggling routes between Argentina and Amazonia, and uses speed boats or drones operating from clandestine airstrips.[1]

Prior to the Tempo-Drug War, the cartel had a deal with a powerful individual in the the Argentinian establishment, in which the cartel supplied weapons and aid to the Uruguayan rebels fighting the Amazonians. The government guaranteed the cartel safe routes through the militarized border.[1]

After the Tempo-Drug War, the cartel has been acting as a proxy of Amazonia, funneling people, drugs, and weapons from Amazonia to the anti-government rebels in Argentina.[2] They have invested extensively in Paraguay's high-tech sector, and odds are good that the approved drugs used by wage-slaves come from a Cachoeira-owned and operated pharmacy. The cartel is also a magic-heavy syndicate, more than the other cartels.[4]

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