Donna Allegra Fuselli from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Shadows of Europe

Donna Allegra Fuselli of the N'drangheta

The Calabrian N'drangheta is an Italian Mafia syndicate based in the region of Calabria in southwestern Italy.  One term for a clan-based mafia is n'drise.


The N'drangheta have existed since the 20th century. In the latter part of the first half of the 21st century they were almost destroyed in a war with the Sacra Corona Unita.[1] When the "Alta Commissione" was established, the N'drangheta received a seat on the council.[2]


The syndicate is organized into clans. Originally there was no centralized hierarchy but that changed in the last decade with the ascendancy of Donna Allegra Fuselli in the early 2060's. She gave the N'drangheta a centralized hierarchy.[1] Presently the N'drangheta are ruled from the GeMiTo sprawl in the northwest of Italy, where Donna Allegra Fuselli is based.[3]


N'drangheta dominates southwestern Italy and shares power in northern Italy with the Neapolitan Camorra.[1] In the GeMito sprawl, the local N'drangheta led by Gianni Lucarelli destroyed the Albanian Fares, leaving only the Carmorra as their competitors.[4] The syndicate has clans throughout Europe and in Australia.[5]

The Calabrian mob is involved in a wide variety of criminal activities. Their main sources of income are smuggling, drug dealing, and protection rackets.[6] It's also into bank heists, kidnapping, and wetwork.[1] Ever since Donna Allegra Fuselli took over the syndicate and gave it a centralized structure, it has become a far more lethal syndicate. They've added stealth and precision to their reputation for violence. It is claimed their hitters are superior to the infamous ninja of Japan and it's hitters are known for cutting off limbs.[5][7]

In the GeMito sprawl, their business takes a decidedly sinister turn. In which they give children free samples of illegal drugs (stickers, patches, candies). Which results in the children becoming addicts, and therefore loyal customers (as well as drug couriers). Their distribution network also includes schools and free hospitals which they built using humanitarian organizations as fronts, where the patients are given a few drug samples to "ease their pain".[8]

Insect SpiritsEdit

The N'drangheta hide a secret from the rest of the Mafia, one that would turn its most loyal allies into enemies. It has been infiltrated by a swarm of insect spirits. To revitalize the syndicate, Allegra Fuselli agreed to act as a vessel for a powerful Ant queen. The pact is now over a decade old, and no one outside the N'drangheta suspects anything. Hybrids with masked Auras maintain contact with the outside world and the less unobtrusive members often serve as soldati in their strongholds in GeMito where they are barely noticed. It was always the most violent and brutal of the Italian Mafias, now it's even more dangerous.[9] Due to it's control by insect spirits, the soldiers one encounters are all equivalent to physical adepts (whether they have augmentation or were normal prior to possession).[10][11]


The Calabrian N'drangheta rank among the world's most powerful crime syndicates. It eclipsed the Sicilian Mafia (who are no longer among the world's top drug traffickers) in the early 20th century. They have become Europe's biggest traffickers of cocaine along with another Italian criminal organization, the Neapolitan Camorra The N'drangheta are the wealthiest and most powerful Italian criminal organization. They have approximately 6,000 members and have extensive connections with Colombian drug gangs and Mexican drug cartels.[1][2][3]


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N'drangheta in the Real WorldEdit

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