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Capitol is an outlaw motorcycle gang based in the Allied German States.

Membership: 350

Capitol is the largest and most powerful biker gang in Germany. It has approximately 350 members in 8 chapters, which are in southern and central Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The gang accepts all metatypes, but the majority are orks and humans. It is into drug trafficking, prostitution, and theft, and also provides security and transportation services to corporations, and syndicates. The gang has been growing due to both recruitment and smaller biker gangs becoming Capitol.

The Capitol is behind the German Bike Week in Thuringia.


  • Blut und Spiele, 40-43, 47-50, 68, 183 (Blood and Games by Pegasus Games)
  • Unterwelten, 242, 254 (German version of Vice by Pegasus Games)
  • Datapuls ADL, 39 (Datapuls AGS by Pegasus Games)

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