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The Cartel Wars is the conflict between the David Cartel and the other Drug Cartels of Latin America from the 2010s to 2030s.

In 2007, the Medellin Cartel, David Cartel, and Masaya Cartel established the ORO Corporation and became Mexico's three largest drug cartels. In the following years, the David Cartel began to press the other two founding cartels out of the drug trade. Once that was done, the David Cartel with the backing of the ORO Corporation and then Aztechnology, began to eliminate the remaining drug cartels.

They were given the option of joining the David Cartel or being slaughtered. Eventually those who defied the David Cartel and still remained active were forced to flee their home grounds and renamed themselves the Ghost Cartels. They ended up forming alliances with several governments in South America and finally found a safe haven and powerful backer in the form of Amazonia.[1]


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