The Catacombs of Paris (in French: Catacombes de Paris) are underground ossuaries which hold the remains of more than six million people in a small part of a tunnel network built to consolidate Paris' ancient stone quarries. Since the Awakening, this maze seems to have been magically extended due to an unexplained magical phenomenon akin to Los Angeles Laguna [1].

The Catacombs of Paris is used by the La Maison de Saint Joseph to operate in the capital without the constant scrutiny of Marianne. The organisation also hosts secrets parties in this underground network, where they can sell quite openly their BADs[2]. However, a fast growing population of grendels [3] is also challenging the criminal organisation for dominion over the underground network.

The deepest levels of the Catacombs of Paris are rarely used or even visited by the local inhabitants. Numerous rumors circulates about those, talking about bug spirit nest of even secret connection to the plane of the Hive.

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