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Type Great Western Dragon
Sex Male
Coloring Dark silver with brassy highlights
Metahuman Form(s) Human male, pale features, brassy hair
Primary Lair Caerleon, Wales (UK)
Translator Zoh Rothberg

Celedyr is a male Great Western Dragon who heads NeoNET R&D and seems to be just as interested in the Matrix as the late Dunkelzahn. He is described as having dark silver scales with brassy highlights. His preferred metahuman form is that of a Welsh human male with pale features and brassy hair. His translator is an elven Technomancer named Zoh Rothberg.

Celedyr is noted as being fascinated by the Matrix and technology in general. He often appears in the Matrix with the handle "Script-Diver". Other aliases include "Tsangara", "Goldminer", and "TGND". He has a curiosity for languages and communication, as well as an interest in Geology.


Celedyr was first sighted in Caerleon, Wales in 2013. He then disappeared from sight for a time until 2041 when he was sighted in the Nubian Desert in Sudan. Soon afterwards, the Knights of Rage pledged loyalty to him in 2043. In 2044, he cooperated with Transys Neuronet on the construction of a brand new research facility in Caerleon, Wales. Throughout the 2050s, Hildebrandt-Kleinfort-Bernal and Celedyr fought for control over Transys Neuronet, which resolved in the ousting of the HKB-controlled CEO Liam Riley and the instatement of Fiona Blareth in 2062.

Following the Novatech IPO and Matrix Crash 2.0 Transys Neuronet merged with Novatech and Erika. In the way of compensation Celedyr was made Director of R&D where he has occasionally been in dispute with CEO Richard Villiers over such hot button topics as technomancers and emergent AIs.

In 2072, Celedyr's Albuquerque facility was hit by FastJack, Riser, and a few unnamed Shadowrunners that Riser killed later. This event infected both Fastjack and Riser with CFD.

In 2076, at a research facility in MIT&T Celedyr helped Cerberus to create an experimental version of CFD nanites to return him to his body. Due to the betrayal of one of the lead researchers, Pax, the experimental CFD nanites had both Deus and Cerberus uploaded into Eliohann's body. Eliohann attempted to attack NeoNET Towers in Boston and was promptly repelled by Celedyr.[1] "Officially," Celedyr was not inside the QZ when it went up the next day.[2] Unofficially, he was.

Celedyr also controls a street gang, the Knights of the Rage. A gang which is also a cult and which has pledge its allegiance to the dragon, serving as his agents around the world.[3]

Relationship with other Dragons[]

Celedyr is careful when dealing with Lofwyr, since their regional interests occasionally cause them to cross paths. He has a good relationship with Masaru, and apparently he was entrusted with Masaru's egg. He has cordial relations with Hestaby and Rhonabwy. Transys Neuronet recently purchased Emerging Futures, the company owned by Ares Macrotechnology and the dragon Eliohann, the only known dragon with a datajack.


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