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The Centaur (Equus sagittarius) are a species of sentient creatures.


Centaurs have been gene-typed to the Equus horse family, but debate continues as to both the origins of the Centaur and its sentience. Like the Centaurs of myth, the lower half resembles that of a large horse, but the upper half resembles a humanoid with humanoid arms ending in three-fingered hands with opposable thumbs. They are native to Greece, Macedonia and southern Albania though populations are rising in North America due to the North American refuge created by Dunkelzahn. They are uniquely sensitive to magic, and can easily search for things within their native environment, suggesting an extrasensory perception of sorts.

There are two kinds of Centaur, with variations between them as distinct as breeds of horse. There is the basic Centaur, which has a furred humanoid body with a horselike head (though with a shorter muzzle) and the 'lesser Centaur' (as dubbed by other standard Centaurs) which are more akin to Greek myth, having unfurred human torso's and human heads. These are often the subject of discrimination by the more standard Centaur and many are outed from their tribes to either die or be raised by others, though some kinder standard Centaurs are known to raise them.


In the Czech Republic Centaurs are completely accepted as sentient creatures and achieve full rights as citizens.[1] The Native American Nations, Greece, the Czech Republic, Amazonia, Yakut, and Mongolia all recognize centaurs as sapient beings and allow them full citizenship.[2] They have known populations in the following areas: The Eurasian Steppe, North American refuge (created by the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn), and parts of Greece and the Czech Republic.[3] Currently Evo is the only megacorporation that offers centaurs corporate citizenship.[4]

They have an estimated worldwide population of 50,000 (standard Centaur) and 1500 ('lesser' Centaur). However these numbers are estimations as many Centaurs would likely not take censuses and wish to have little to do with mainstream meta-humanity. In more recent times, many Centaurs have begun to leave their homes and explore the new world, tempted by media, technology or simple curiosity or need.

Centaur-friendly Nations[]

List of countries where centaurs are given full citizenship and the laws treat them equally.

Known Centaur[]

  • The Prairie Boys, a band completely composed of common centaurs.
  • Rouge Bitless, a lesser centaur professional fighter.
  • Milo Czerda is a Centaur on the board of the Draco Foundation and represents living proof that Centaurs, or at least Centaur-like creatures, are sentient. Dunkelzahn was well known for having Centaurs guarding his Lake Louise lair.


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