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The Centurions is a gang based in Boston.

The Centurions are led by its founder Caesar. He's rumored to be an ex-Special Forces officer. His personal security and inner circle are the Praetorians, all of whom are highly skilled in all forms of armed and unarmed combat. The gang's members are trained to fight as an individuals or as part of a larger group. Centurions use snipers to provide long range support, well-armed chariot-like trikes used as a cavalry, and other military tactics.

The gang keeps its large territory crime free. It's sources of revenue are prostitution, gun-running, drug production and supply, and gambling which they make sure the community doesn't experience it's ill side effects. In the "Coliseum" (formerly the Roxbury Sportsplex), the Centurions put on non-lethal combat games on display which are based on ancient gladiatorial games. The public can come to the games for free. If you want to join the Centurions and lack a proven military record, you have to best a Centurion in the Coliseum. There are also lethal duels of honor and it's where the criminal are punished (some by execution).[1]


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