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Originally part of the Mexican underworld before the family fled north when Aztlan was founded, the Chavez are the primary Mafia family operating in the Dallas/Ft. Worth sprawl in Texas, CAS and the CAS sector of Denver. They are led by Don Miguel "Caesar" Chavez.

They have formed dependences in various cities of Texas, including Austin, Houston, and Corpus Christi and even in Nashville/Tennessee. Miguel Chavez has kept the family nearly human, though he will work with metahumans. In the late 2060s, the first and only metahuman so far was admitted into the family, Lester “Scarface” Scrabulitelli an elf who is currently one of the family's capos in Denver. The Chavez family is deeply into illegal drugs, gambling, & prostitution. Whenever he gets the chance to cause problems for Aztlan (or Aztechnology), Miguel Chavez sticks it to them.

Being a Mexican syndicate, it was a criminal organization that was more brutal than any of the traditional Mafia crime families in the former United States or Canada.[1] When they arrived in the CAS, the Chavez family swiftly and mercilessly crushed the local Mafia in Texas.[2] As to whether they are still as brutal as before is not clear.


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