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The Chicago Outfit was the Mafia cartel based in Chicago.

Factions (Major): 2 families

Factions (Minor): 7 families

The Chicago Outfit in 2050 consisted of two major families, one mid-sized family, and half a dozen smaller families. After the Quake of 2005 that devastated New York City and the NAN taking over Las Vegas in 2018, the city of Chicago became the Mob's only remaining major power base within the UCAS. Many of the Mafiosi elsewhere relocated to Chicago.


The real Chicago Outfit did not consist of any families, it was simply the Outfit which used to be called the "South Side Gang" in Capone's day. It dated back to 1910 and was originally an Italian criminal organization. They would become the only Italian syndicate which would accept non-Italians (e.g. Jews and Irish) into its organization, putting them into position of authority in the hierarchy (e.g. Gus Alex (Greek) and Jake Guzik (Jewish)) and at one time a non-Italian (Gus Alex) sat in a 3-man ruling triumvirate within the Chicago Outfit becoming the only non-Italian to ever head a "family" in the American Mafia.


Chicago Outfit in the Real World[]