Police Brutality in Chico-Oroville (Shadowrun Sourcebook, California Free State)

Police Anti-Metahuman Brutality

The Chico-Oroville or Chico-Oroville Greater Metro Area (COGMA) lies in the northern part of the Central Valley region of the California Free State.

COGMA in many ways is considered even more important to the Central Valley than Sacramento itself. The Oroville Dam, the largest earth-filled dam in North America, and its associated irrigation canals are a critical element of the lucrative agricorp business in the Valley. Agricorps in the area are a major center of nut, citrus and kiwi growers.

COGMA is known for its hostility toward metahumans. Law enforcement never took any action against the anti-metahuman policlubs which used Chico as a base of operations for terror raids against the metahumans and metahuman-friendly communities of the Northern Crescent. Those few whom were arrested were always released because of lack of "credible evidence". COGMA is the headquarters of Native Californian, one of the most active anti-metahuman policlubs in CalFree.

When it came to metahumans passing through and their human companions, there was a process which made it plainly known they were not wanted. At checkpoints, metahumans were required to pay the "peace fee" (since their presence would incite the locals into violence thereby leading to property being damage). They had to declare all weapons and anything that was bigger than a toy gun was confiscated. Police gave them a visitor's pass that came with a magnetic strip that gave them the ability to track you. Stray from where the pass allowed you to go and you ended up in lockup for the night, with a lot of bruises by morning and perhaps even broken bones and/or burns.

The Inter-Tribal Council funds embassies for all of the major NAN members here, including Salish-Sidhe, Ute, Sioux and Tsimshian Nations. Speculation for the decision to place embassies here instead of in Sacramento include an intentional slight to show Sacramento just how irrelevant it is or to honor the Ishi Memorial, a memorial to the last member of the Yahi Indian tribe.

Rumor suggests that the Buddhist temple in COGMA is run by a group known as the Golden Acorn Society and owned by an ork named Yee Chan. The Society trains shamans and adepts in the Buddhist traditions and are, presumably, extremely skilled in their arts to keep Native Californians and other anti-metahumans out of their temple.


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