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The Children of the Dragon is an influential religious sect who follows a spirit called "The Great Dragon". They believe that Dunkelzahn was the incarnate form of the Great Dragon, and with Dunkelzahn's death, he ascended into a celestial manifestation to be worshipped and followed. The group was led by a man named David Dragonson.

The Children of the Dragon preach harmony, peace, and brotherhood, and a spiritual worship of the Great Dragon. The Draco Foundation holds the organization with disdain and will have nothing to do with it, going out of its way to sever ties with the group.

A schism led by Joshua Morningstar broke off a new faction called the Church of the Dragon Reborn, which was fully endorsed by Ghostwalker and is quickly becoming the fastest growing religion in Denver. This is not surprising, as the Church believes that Ghostwalker is the new incarnate form of the Great Dragon spirit.