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The Choson Ring is a Korean crime syndicate.

Membership: 150[1]

The Choson Ring is one of the oldest Seoulpa Rings, it was one of the first to gain public reputation with established rules, traditions, and operations in Seattle. In the 2060's, the leader of the ring was known as Kyu -- who has shown a prejudice against Japanese and Native Americans, for their ties to the Yakuza and the schism between the Seoulpa Rings and the Japanese criminal organizations -- and Elves , for their ties to the Ancients.

After the Yakuza sprawl-wide assault on the Seoulpa Rings devastated their ranks, the Choson Ring is one of only two left in the sprawl. It absorbed the survivors of the destroyed Seoulpa Rings and thereby expanded, unlike the Komun'go Ring which decided to stay small. The Choson Ring has transformed itself into a mobile hacker syndicate. Matrix activities include data brokerage, online gambling casinos (both legal and illegal), Virtual Reality and BTL sex (porn, snuff films, etc), identity theft/fabrication, virtual drugs, and conducting raids on bank accounts to steal money or information. They have allied themselves with several Korean Jo-pok gangs. Together they coordinate on their smuggling and hijacking operations, in which the Choson do the hacking and their Jo-pok allies provide the magical back-up and muscle.[2][3]

Known Members[]

  • An Soo - "Tech-head"
  • Jung-mo - "Ex-Rigger"
  • Danny Cho - "Face"


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