Christy Daee was a successful female singer and pop star in the early 2070s.

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Christy Daee was born in Seattle in 2044. Her extra ordinary voice made her start a career in a remake of "High School Musical - the Series" at the age of 14. Four years later, her contract was bought by Pathfinder Multimedia, a subsidiary of the Horizon Group. She moved to LA and - with a break of one year because of her hidden substanz abuse problem - she started her pop star career in 2066 at the age of 18. Her first album, "Dancing with Fireflys" skyrocketed, and she won not less than 5 MCTA awards that year, including "best album", "best singer" and "best song".

She had still an angel like voice, published her second album "Sunny Daee" and her third one "Rainy Daee" as well as a Christmas album as a collaboration with Del Tolson, one of the Tolson Twins from Nashville. She continued winning at least one award every year and started a world tour.

Then, at the age of only 23 she was murdered by so-called "Moral Vigilants". There also were rumors, that she had been targeted by a blackmail attempt of the A-Kidz gang and of a botched extraction attempt by Aztechnology, that eventually resulted in the death of Christy and her manager.

Her last album, "Last Daees" was published posthumous by Pathfinder Multimedia, and she was awarded posthumous with a MCTA award as "best songwriter".

Look[edit | edit source]

Christy Daee was only 1.65 tall and weighted 58 kg. She had blue eyes and long, blonde hair with extensions with color changer nanites. She preferred a set of clothing from Zoé.

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