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Chulos (major chapters)

The Chulos (the name means “pimp” in Spanish) are a Latino gang based in CalFree.

Membership: hundreds
(medium-sized gang in Seattle)


The Chulos are a Latino/Aztlaner gang that has been around in some form for many years—in fact, it has its roots in the Nortenos, a West Coast gang founded in the previous century. As far as the residents of Puyallup in Seattle are concerned, the gang has been around forever. They don’t care if you’re human, ork, troll, elf or whatever—just that you’re Latino (and they’re pretty loose on the concept). The gang does have quite the number of Orks, whom form the biggest contingent in the gang, followed by humans and then elves. It protects the community of Carbonado from predatory gangs and racists.[1][2][3][4][5] It's a how they see things, it's an old school gang. This gang is much bigger in California than in Seattle, though that’s changing.[1][6] It's a well equipped gang, possessing armor (e.g. vests) and firearms (e.g. sub-machine guns and heavy pistols), whose members have access to many big Harley-Davidson motorcycles.[7]

Criminal Enterprises[]

They specialize in the smuggling of CalHot chips and BTLs from CalFree and drugs from Aztlan and South America (via strong connections with the Ghost Cartels). In addition they move much needed supplies to locations like the Los Angeles basin and get both goods and people in and out of California. The gang also is involved in prostitution, running at least one known brothel in Seattle. It is well represented inside prison, therefore any Chulo who gets locked up knows he will have someone to watch his back while he does time.[1][8]

In San Francisco, the Chulos have a close relationship with several of the CalHot manufacturers of chips and they smuggle the chips to Seattle. Within San Francisco itself, they deal illegal drugs on the streets, preferring to export the BTL chips. They are rumored to have supplied the resistance with the combat drugs they needed in the fight against the Japanese occupation, and now have extensive black market contacts in the city.[9]


The "Nortenos" is a loose association of Latino street gangs based in Northern California who are all directly or indirectly controlled or influenced by the Chicano (Mexican-American) prison gang and organized crime group called "La Nuestra Familia". They number in the 10s of thousands, most of which are in northern California.[1][2]

They are enemies of the "Surenos" a much bigger loose national association of Latino street gangs based in Southern California with over a 100,000 members of which most are in southern California. Who are under the control or influence of the Chicano prison gang and organized crime group called the "Mexican Mafia". Which includes the super gangs known as 18th Street and Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), the sets in the United States only not the ones in Mexico or Central America which are independent or answer to other syndicates in Mexico or Central America.[3][4]


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Nortenos & Surenos in the Real World[]