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The Clan of the 51 Gorgons is a Triad based in the city of Marseille in France.

The Clan of the 51 Gorgons is an ethnically mixed Triad of Chinese and Southeast Asians, which is currently led by a Vietnamese man by the name of Michael N'Guyen. It is a branch of the Ten Thousand Lions and has an alliance with the Black Chrysanthemum triad. Per the recommendation of the Black Chrysanthemums, they entered into business with the Olaya Cartel.

The triad was supplied with the Tempo drug which it distributed in France. Originally they were business partners of the Marseille Organizatsi but by the end of Tempo drug war of 2071, they had lost their Vory allies who were nearly completely expelled from the city. To survive they were forced to turn over the Tempo drug racket to their new allies the Milieu Marseillas who gave them some territories as part compensation.


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