Claude Aimé is the current President of Québec. He is a member of the Parti Québécois, the conservative political party which has controlled the Presidency of Québec since Québec's independence. Aimé has military history, serving in the Québec Army, before becoming a member of the National Assembly.

Aimé was elected to the National Assembly before becoming Prime Minister of Québec, serving as Minister of Justice. He was appointed Prime Minister after the Parti Québécois caucus elected him interim leader after the resignation of former Prime Minister Ernest Denise. As Prime Minister, he wanted the Parti Québécois to shift more to young voters, because the next election seemed to favor the main opposition, the Parti Démocratique du Québec. He never faced the election, however, because he became President after the assassination of former President Anéle Alexandrine.

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