The Comanche Mafia - also known as Comanche Mob - is an Amerind ethnic syndicate that operates mainly out of Las Vegas and the Ute Nation. They owned the Wind Speaker Corporation of casinos, and often butted heads with the main syndicate of Las Vegas, the Verontesse Family of the Mafia.


They got their start in the late 20th century with the growth of casinos in the Indian reservations of the United States. Upon the reemergence of magic and the rise of the Native American Nations, the Comanche Mafia took advantage of developments to take over criminal activity in the cities of the newly established Ute Nation. They also owned the "vote manipulation industry" in the Ute Nation, making big Nuyen by manipulating the countless elections there. Currently the leader of the Comanche Mafia is Roger Tekewa.[1][2]

Recent EventsEdit

Recently the Comanche Mafia has suffered serious setbacks, at the hands of the Koshari. First they fought a bloody war against the Koshari who were moving into their territory in the Ute Nation. Which contributed to the destabilization of the state, and its eventual surrender to Pueblo in 2063 AD. PuebSec operations hurt organized crime activity in the former Ute Nation and the Comanche Mafia was specifically targeted.[3]

Later, the branch in Las Vegas found itself in its own war with the Koshari who were attempting to take territory in the city. This bloody war resulted in the reduction of the Comanche Mafia to a large street gang with few holdings in the city, with the Koshari taking the Comanche Mafia's place.[4]


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