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The Comando Verde (Green Command) is a gang based in Amazonia, the most powerful in South America.

Membership: 12,000

Annual Income: in the 100s of millions (nuyen)[1]


Comando Verde has its base in Metropole, with the favelas of Rio de Janeiro its stronghold. The gang was formed by the old gambling kingpins and drug lords of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio, with the recently Awakened citizens of the Metropole sprawl. It descends from the late 20th century Comando Vermelho (Red Command) which colluded with the Awakened coup. Which is why the gang has historically been given a lot of slack by the government. Comando Verde is dominated by metahumans, both in pure numbers and when it comes to positions of power. The gang stretches all across South America, from Caracas in the north to Argentina in the south. As of 2072 AD, the gang has 12,000 members.

Criminal Enterprises[]

They are enemies of the Ghost Cartels and are rumored to have ties to powerful politicians in Amazonia. Gambling is their biggest source of income. Other criminal activities include drug trafficking (natural drugs only), fraud, human trafficking, racketeering, kidnapping for ransom, and black marketing. Comando Verde receives kickbacks from the prostitution trade and receives protection fees from the corporations using the port.[2]


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